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    I know what you’re thinking how do you follow cosplay to the max while that was something I was also thinking God damn it’s going to be tough… Is it even possible?? I hear you ask well I think I’ve gone and done it I’m going to be talking about breast augmentation surgery in the sunny town of Sydney and why the Brits currently get such a fantastic deal to travel over there and get some sun and get some surgery.


    Over the past decade or so it has been something that has been very popular with the rich housewives you know the type you see on TV these days I actually think there might be a housewives of Sydney! Anyway those type of people husbands have lots of money they spend their time getting lots of surgery lots of weird and wonderful things. Inspire cosmetics Sydney is the solution for all your breast problems


    What I really want to know they is what you guys feel about it, have anything done it? ever been there? anyone gone through this whole process tell me a bit more about it tell you what went right tell me what went wrong!

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